Thursday, 8 August 2013

Fun bags!!!

Hello out there in blog land , I hope your summer has been fun and eventful, in a good way that is.
I have been very busy with one thing and another, crafting of course for different things, but more than anything decorating as we are putting our house on the market.
It has a nice craft room for anyone interested!!!

Here is a little make that I am doing on on the tele for Hobby house  so if you fancy a peep it's create and craft at 1 pm
I am doing other things too, I will be covering a laughing cow cheese box with those gorgeous pearl strings from the hobby house and lots of other goodies



Sue said...

Hi Chris, It seems ages since I've seen you - hope you are well. Thanks for popping over to my blog. Like you, I don't keep it very well updated. I see you are on the box now, can't say I'm surprised, your cards and projects are always fantastic.
Hope to see you soon

Debbie said...

Hiya Chris
I hope you mean tomorrow at 1. I will try (as always) to drop you an Email, although I know they don't always read them, but it's me if it's Debbie from Barrow Cumbria) LOl
I have just made 6 of these little bag/boxes, they are just lovely aren't they.
I have a Summer Craft Fair on Saturday and I have been busy making cards, and other things to sell.
See you on tv tomorrow, good luck, not that you need it, you are always a star on tv.

Lisa Jane said...

Hi Chris - nice to see you ... love the little gift bag - so sweet , will try and remember to tune in. Good luck selling the house
Lisa x

Doreen said...

This is gorgeous Chris....I shall be

Beryl said...

Drat. Only just read this Chris. I get through loads of Laughing Cow and always have a couple of boxes saved just in case I can do something with them. Hope he show went well.
Beryl xx

Mel said...

Hi Chrissy, we went to visit my bro on friday so we didn't see you till we got back. Then we were glued to you on the telly with a cuppa and some cake - custard slices no less !! Love the new christmas toppers. I tell you i have been putting cards together like the clappers with these wee toppers. They are such lovely pics and colours its a no brainer (even for me). I am on a serious roll hon !!! Love you mel xxx

Alma said...

Hi Chris, your gift bag is so lovely! I love your colouring and this little girl is so amazing.
Hugs from gErmany

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