Saturday, 11 September 2010

You're one in a million.

Hope you have all had a good week, mine got a little better as the week went on, but the start was hard, my son settled into secondary school OK ish but then missed the bus on the first evening back as no one seem to tell them which bus they needed to go on, there was no number on the bus and all the buses looked the same, sheer Panic for him, anyway I got a phone call and there were about 10 children in the same situation, not a good start, anyway, I had a little word and the bus company have now put a numbers on each one. Ahh!
I kept seeing covered notebooks and thought I would have a go,
this uses Hero Arts Clear Stamp set called SUNSHINE FLOWERS. card stock is SU and ink is Su chocolate chip. hope you like love chris xx


Cheryl said...

oh good for you chris speaking up about the buses,that must have been awful for them,
but your altered book hun is brilliant really love the papers you have used,and the detail is just amazing really love the addition of the tag hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

Stamping Seasons said...

Oh Chris, this is stunning! Love the chocolate colours you have used and all the detail!


Fabulous project Chris - love the soft earthy tones and the HA flowers.
Hope your little one has a less stressful time at school from now on. It really shouldn't have needed a parent to point out the glaringly obvious to the bus driver, but good for you Chris.
Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Doreen said...

Wow this is something else what a fabulous project,I love your flowers and the tag. Oh Kids you never stop worrying about them.My youngest is 24yrs, is single and lives 80 miles away but I am always concerned for him.If he phones to say he is not well we jump in the car and check he has everything. Oops sorry for going

Fleur said...

Hi Chris, it really is beautiful. I love the flowers and the tag looks great, feeling a bit better thanks. Have a lovely weekend
Hugz Fleur xXx

Annika said...

Oh, stunning, love the earthy colours and slightly offset design - adds so much texture!!

Janette said...

Hi Chris, Fabulous book,I do have a 'thing' for books, they always appeal to me....this is gorgeous......sorry to hear about your Sons little upset, as if it's not hard enough for them, do the powers that be expect them all to be mind readers....I do hope he will be ok...take

Happy Days said...

Awww bless your son - I remember a similar thing happening to me many many moons ago (the bus was displaying the wrong number) and as a result I'm kind of OCD at checking and rechecking that I'm actually on the right bus! I hope it hasn't traumatised him too much.

Your notebook is fab - I think I'm going to knock a few of these up for table presents at Christmas. x

Dotty Jo said...

Great card Chris, love the colours and style. And good for you speaking to the bus company, honestly you'd have thought they would have realised about something like that wouldn't you! Hope your son settles to his new school - such a stressful time. Jo x

Lindsey said...

This is beautiful Chris! Too beautiful to write in! I love the tag detail and the flowers.
I hope your son has a better week at school next week
Linds x

Tracy said...

This is so gorgeous Chris and what a lovely gift it will make, someone will be very lucky to receive such a lovely note book.
I know what your saying and feeling, as Jodie did the same thing last year, missed her bus. And for the start of this year someone has stolen her bus pass out of her bag while she was doing PE. Still trying to get to the bottom of that one.

Have a good weekend Chris, and hope your son has a better week.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Lisa Jane said...

I bet you gave the Bus company "what for!" lol
Hope next week goes a little smoother . Beth has also had trouble with the buses - there is only one and she is there nearly an hour too soon!!
Love the little notebook - its so pretty .
Lisa ;)

Grenouille Greetings said...

Lovely notebook, Chris. Gosh - I'm so sorry about your son's mishap. Thank goodness he was not on his own. The first time I had to catch a bus was to go swimming at the local "baths" for first lesson swimming at my new school. It was packed and I was so afraid that I wouldn't see my stop but I did and just as I got to the doors to exit, they closed and the bus started to drive away. I howled! The memory has always stayed with me! Hope your young man soon forgets his trauma! Warmest wishes, Lesley

Shirley-anne said...

How stressful for your Son . Who was supervising I would be asking too.
Love your notebook cover . Stirling gift it would be.
Love the colour combinations and the embellishing .

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous notebook, love the unique layout, the flowers are so pretty!!! I sure your little one will be fine from now on as he has a great mum!
Have a nice weekend!

dolcreations said...

Chris this is just gorgeous! I love how you cut out all those gorgeous flowers,and then stamped the flowers in the background! Is this a Christmas gift? Someone will love this under the tree!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Chris what a your Son and the others were in a right state...Same thing happened to me when I started high school all thoses years ago, and yes there were buses in my
Glad to hear all turned out well, would have loved to have heard your conversation to the bus
Were you diplomatic or did you let them have it!!!!

Your notebook is beautiful Chris, love the colourways and the stamps are gorgeous...


rozzy said...

Oh your poor son and his friends…. i wont mention which bus company I think it is :roll: but at least you have sorted it now. it must have been scary for them.
I juts love your note book, the colours are scrummy an the stamps are so pretty.
Have a lovely weekend
hugs rozzy xx

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Your covered book looks amazing!
I'm glad the buses have got their act together, that must have been very upsetting for your son and the other children.
Clare x

Crafty Lou said...

Hi!Chris this is so *lovely*!!
Very pretty with the flowers and tied tag-love that thred.
I am always drawn to note pads even on a trip to the supermarket.
Have a lovely weekend.take care all.
see you soon,hugs Lou.xx

mustavcoffee said...

Hello there Chris, how lovely is this pretty creation? very I say:o) the colour is fabulous it's a real keepsake:o)
Oh! your poor son as if it's not stressful enough going to a new school but being left stranded not able to get home must have been so frightening, well done you letting the bus company know, they probably didn't have a clue! Oh well hope next week is better for him:o) have a good weekend:o)xx

Hetty said...

Wauuuw wat een schitterende

gr hetty

pinky said...

The poor wee thing, hope he was too upset! Doesn't take much when you are starting in a big scary school! Aren't you just the best Mum getting that all sorted, they will have you on the committee in no time lol. Gorgeous notebook Chris, love the soft taupe colours (is that the right word), the flowers are stunning.

Mandy G said...

Hi Chris,
This notebook is so cute, I love the way you have layered the tag and the flowers.
Looks like I am going to have go to the shops to buy notebooks :)

Lynne K said...

LOVE the notebook, Chris, it's gorgeous. The flowers are so pretty.

Hope your son soon settles in at his new school. What a thing to happen on his first day. Wish I'd been a fly on the wall when you spoke to the bus company! xx

Faye said...

Oh Chris, this is just gorgeous. Can I have one?! ;)

Juls said...

WOOOOOOOOWZER!!!! this is amazing!!!! Love the colour the dimension the fab natural look! just a stunning and creative project!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Juls

Enfys said...

Love love this Chris, that taupe/chocolatey colour looks so classy,
big hugs
En xx

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh I just love your covered notebook!! I so love the colors and all the punched flowers. Stunning design Chris!

Tania said...

This is so cute, I love it and have really missed having the time to comment on all of your great projects-Hugs Tania

Francesca said...

This is beautiful Chris

Loopylou!! said...

oooh chris that is just beautiful i love the kraft card and brown ink and the little flower is cute!! hope the bus journeys get less traumaticfor your little man hun, its so scary going to secondary school. huge hugs Lou xxx

Sally H said...

what a gorgeous idea and a beautiful design, Chris! I love it! Hope things got better for your son. I would've ranted at the bus company!

Nannieflash said...

Hi Chris, oh your poor lad, I do hope hes settling down now, why they dont help the new children more I just dont know.
Fabulous card those flowers are gorgeous and your design is fantastic. With love and hugs Shirleyx

Brenda Brown said...

Oh dear I remember those days well, missing the bus and getting the phone call. But it's not helpful when the poor kids have only just started - they have so much to remember and places to be. Glad you sorted it.
I love this book - just my colours eh and fab stamping? The tag sits beautifully in the middle there and the button and ribbon are a great touch. You have such a lovely crisp style of your own and can emulate so many different ones.
Hope you are having a good weekend.
Luv B xxx

Sue said...

Hi Chris,

Lovely to see you yesteray.

I love your covered notebook, the colours and the string set it off a treat along with the tag and flowers. It's a lucky person to receive that gift.

Take Care,


coldwaters2 said...

Oooo I love this one Chris the colours and those flowers are gorgeous, beautifully designed
Lorraine x

Jules said...

Hi Chris

What a beautiful note book.

I love that shade of brown and all those gorgeous flowers.

Stunning work as always.

I hope you had a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

Nicola said...

Hi Chris, gorgeous work, I really must have a go at covering a notebook or post-its
Thanks as always for your comments
Nicola xxx

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Ackkkkk, this is THE coolest! So many details going on here and I love it....the string accent, colors, dimension on the flowers. Awesome work!

Stamping Cafe said...

Oh my word... what a gorgeous notebook, Chris! Love everything about this!

Nikbee said...

Wonderful notebook Chris. I love the flowers.

Well done on getting the buses sorted. It must have been very stressful for your son.

Nikki x

Sarpreet said...

This is gorgeous, sorry I have not been to your blog recently

Mel said...

Hi Chrissy, can't wait till Thursday. I might even make a card?! - nice little note pad. mel xxx

Nicola said...

Oh Chris I like this alot. Loving the colours and the image, its fab.... Glad things got better for you as the week went on. Hugs Nicola xx

Alicia said...

Absolutely stunning Chris! I know all about bus stress...saw some today in the eyes of some little people. Glad they made the change for you.
Alicia xx

maxine said...

wow this is stunning Chris, I love your lo and the fab flowers, I hope you have a lovely week hugs maxine

Kim Piggott said...

Oh my Chris this is utterly gorgeous!
Love your cardstock and your design and detail is perfect!
So sorry that you son had that happen to him so avoidable on the bus companies part. Glad you could sort it out hope he now can settle easier.
kim x

Sassylassy said...

Sorry to hear about your son missing his bus. Oh he must have been freaking out. Good job Mom having a little chat with the bus people.
Your covered note book is awesome I love the flowers and your stamping is gorgeous!
By the way Christening Day was just wonderful baby Jameson was a perfect angel for Father Darian. Our get together afterwards lasted all day folks didnt leave until 10:30 at night. Thats a good party I'd say. Pheww I'm pooped out.
Hugs Bonnie

Angela said...

Oh, Chris, how scary for your little guy and YOU! I'd have been frantic!
You put that bus company in its' place! ;)

As for your notebook. It is gorgeous! I love your choice of paper and the pretty flower embellishments. Love it! hugs, Angela

louise said...

Gorgous Chris, love the everthing about the card, it was lovely to see you saturday.
Louise xx

Kay Carley said...

Just love this Chris. Especially like the flowers! xx

michelle said...

Nothings changed then!!

I remember my (now 26 year old son) having the same problem:( its so major for them, isnt it? Everything is all soooo new and then they have to cope with that, bless him, hope he is okay now:)

Oh, and I like the card:)
Michelle x

michelle said...

Nothings changed then!!

I remember my (now 26 year old son) having the same problem:( its so major for them, isnt it? Everything is all soooo new and then they have to cope with that, bless him, hope he is okay now:)

Oh, and I like the card:)
Michelle x

Cheryl said...

Oh how upsetting for your son! I am glad you were able to fix things with the bus company.

Your covered notebook is gorgeous. I love this shade of yellow with kraft.

Donna said...

This is so scrummilicious the little flowers :) Donna x

Lynda said...

Such a lively design - elegant - and lovely colours. Hope your son has got over his panic. So many new traumas when you start a new school.

Suzie Q said...

Hi Chris,
You must of been livid with the bus drivers!! hope your little man is more at ease nowx
fab book covering i am a lover of kraft so this ticks all my boxes.
glad i have come across your blog x
Suzie Qx

mustavcoffee said...

Hi Chris, thank you so much for your uplifting comments, you don't realise what a lift you give with kind and understanding comments. You never fail to make me smile, Thank you:0) xx

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Chris, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! I am so glad you came or I wouldn't have found YOU!! Your little notebook is gorgeous and I love the little arrangemnet of flowers!

Hugs Judy xx

Debbie Dolphin said...

so beautiful xxx
love debxx

Mary J said...

Hello Chris! Hope you are having a great week!

Wow, what an amazing card - so original!

Silvie Z said...

Chris, this is so beautiful! Love the design and colours! And all those flowers are gorgeous! Wonderful job!
Silvie from France

pinky said...

Hey come on girl, give me something else to comment on lol.

Crafty Chris said...

I cant believe I missed this one it is gorgeous love the colours, and glad to hear you got the buses sorted.
Chris x

Dolly said...

Such a worry when they start 'Big' school. Fancy not having nos on the buses no wonder the poor lambs were confused. I digress!

Love your notebook :)x

Dawn B. said...

I love this type of card. It almost looks 3D.. It is very pretty.. Hero Arts was founded by my cousin..:) She and another lady started it in their home years ago.. So I always love their stuff..Sorry to hear about your son..That would be daunting..Have a great day.

Avery James Photography said...

LOVE this one - gorgeous flowers. I only wish I could be this creative when it comes to paper items. I can't wait to see more of your work. :) :)

Hope Jacare said...

Love this and the jaunty angle - perfect composition! Cheers Claire x

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