Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Hi Everyone,I'm back, I'll try not to bore you with Holiday pictures though!!
Yes We have been away cruising the Med , a special Holiday for us with our silver wedding in mind, even though we don't celebrate it until the 18Th of May, couldn't go then as our son has his Sat's and we weren't allowed to take him out of school then.
We had a reasonable time, though it never entered my mind that I would suffer from motion sickness, so that was a bit of a shock the plus side of it is that I have lost 3 lbs I usually put on at least half a stone when away, so that's a bonus.
I didn't do any blogging on board ship as it was a ridiculous price (50p a minute) and I just felt they were being greedy so I went without for a whole fortnight, I was lucky enough to meet up with a very special Lady who I follow that lives in Gibraltar,
I will tell you more about that another day.
I think this is one of the quickest cards I have ever done, its very simple as you can see hope you like, I know its a bit boring but just wanted to say hello.
back soon .
lots of love Chris xx
I'm still going along with my song titles as my titles,
and yes this ones by Jason Mraz, I adore his music.


Juls said...

Hi Chris, have missed you, but glad you had a fabulous holday! I love this card, love the clena and simple look! those butterflies are just too gorgeous! and I love how you have added dimension! Hugs Juls

Linapyssel said...

Oh hey there (Ohoj there!!!) My dearest long lost friend!!!!!

Soo good to hear from you and I´m so glad to see all was allright with you...I hav been worried!!

This absolutly cute card just goes straight to the heart..and I LOVE the butterflies ant the color of the card!!!

Sorry that you didn´t feel great on the boat but it sounds like you had a good time still.

I´ll be bold to writh my adress here since in the back of my head I remember that you said my comments doesn´t show ..so that you can mail me a letter with your adress...a bit of a fuss...but I think you´ll be happy when some thing jumps in your mailbox!!! Hihihhi!!!

happy aneversery my friend!!!

Big hugs Lina

Lisa Jane said...

Hellooooooo - great to have you back! So glad you had a great time and can't wait to hear more !
Love the card - butterflies are a favourite of mine .
Bet it was great to meet up with your friend too.
Welcome back
Lisa ;)

Joan said...

Great card! These butterflies are so sweet - fluttering across the card.

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Chris
glad u had a great time, its nice to have you back, was worried something was wrong, love the card not boring at all.
Christine x

Nicola said...

Have missed you... Glad to hear you had a reasonable holiday. The card is simple but soooo affective. Sometimes less is more!! See you soon Nicky xxx

Tracy said...

Glad your home safe and a lovely butterfly creation too. Looking forward to seeing more creations now your back.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Linapyssel said...

I forgot to wright my adress...think I was exchited that you are back!!! Hihihi.

Lina Olofsson
Krokängsvagen 56
449 40 Nol

I´m off to bed now
Hugs Lina

Fleur said...

HELLO YOU, we have so missed you, blogland's not the same without you. Thanks for my lovely comments. Your card is simple but stunning. I love it. Pleased holiday was reasonable. you will have to show pics. How fab to meet up with a fellow blogger - really good to have you back, will have to all get together SOON,
take care
Hugz Fleury xXx

Lesley said...

Love the card - less is more. Glad you had a lovely holiday - I was wondering why I'd not seen and post recently now I know - glad you are well best wishes Lesley x

Sally H said...

Fabulous creation, not boring, but very elegant! It's great to have you back, and good to know you were on a boat rather than trying to fly! Sorry to hear about the motion sickness though. Hope you get your land legs back soon xxx

Lynne K said...

Hi Chris, glad you had a good time, apart from the motion sickness. I sympathise - I get it too. Love this card, so clean and fresh looking & very effective. Lovely colour too. x

Crafty Lou said...

Hi!Chris, sooooo nice to have you back with us SWEETIE and mes missed you very much too.
Pleased you had quite a nice time and with your two boys it is special.
Loving your card very much,gentle and soft.
Thank you for your comments,how sweet are U.
see you very soon,hugs Lou.xx

Shirley-anne said...

sweet card and HELLO to you . Congratulations on your up coming Anniversary .Looking forward to your creations in blogland as soon as you are settled back into a routine

Sarpreet said...

beautiful stylish card

brenda said...

Hi Chris

Well, we have already chewed over your hols, so will just say less really can be more as this card proves.

B x

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Hi Chris,
Welcome back!
I'm sorry to hear you suffered from motion sickness but I hope it didn't spoil your holiday too much.
Your card isn't boring at all, it is stunning!
Clare x

Alicia said...

Hi Chris, welcome back to the blogging world...we have missed you! Sounds like you have had a wonderful holiday away...sea sickness not so good. Happy Anniversary and a beautiful card.
Alicia xx

Nannieflash said...

Hi Chris, I was wondering where you were but Im so glad you had a lovely cruise even if your were motion sick, never mind at least you missed all the problems with the volcanic ash.
I do love your card its fabulous simple but stunning. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx
You could enter it for the Cards for Men challenge, as its monochromatic and anniversary to.

lisa said...

This is not boring at all Chris, it's just beautiful. I love it.
Your holiday sounds very special, although not the motion sickness, poor you!! I would never have thought of that when thinking of a cruise!!
Happy Anniversary for the 18th.
It's lovely to have you back with us.


Hope Jacare said...

Welcome back - so glad you had a good trip(motion sickness aside) and congrats on you great achievement - 25 years is very impressive these days!Your butterfly card is lovely and perfect in its simplicity! Cheers Claire x

Denise (peanutbee) said...

What an AWESOME CAS design! Love Love LOOOOVE it....and I feel a CASE coming on. :)

Mina said...

50p a min, thats shocking I wouldnt have paid it either...oh Im sorry to hear you were seasick thats terrible...your card is just stunning, I love the simple design its beautiful
Mina xxx

maybe*mej said...

what a lovely card.

Sue said...

Hi Chris,

Welcome back - looking forward to hearing about your cruise :)

and on to your card - boring? No way, it's very classy!


Dolly said...

Love this stunningly elegant card Chris.
Glad you had a good holiday. :)x

Patti Senter aka NW Lady said...

What a beautiful card, so simple and yet so stunning!

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