Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Love is like a butterfly

Good evening everyone, hope you have had a nice day and been able to get a bit of crafting in.
Well I have but it wasn't this card as this is an old one and yes its red and green again sorry!
I am still sticking with my song title theme as I have been doing since the beginning of December
I wonder how many of you can remember the TV show this song title came from?
this is the only Butterfly stamp I own (Penny Black)but is one I really like,maybe need some more!
see you soon love Chris xx


Sally H said...

That's gorgeous! I love the 3d pop up style. I must have at least 30 butterfly stamps - one of my obsessions, but I've got a lot less than Lynne! I do remember butterflies! I used to dream of meeting someone as good looking as the older son (not Nicholas Lyndhurst)!

Fleur said...

Hi Chris great card, striking colours. I do you love your song titles they always have me humming the song in my head & I used to love "love is like a butterfly" perhaps you should get us all just to use song titles for a while! Wonder what we'd all come up with, mine would perhaps be a bit too gothy!!!
Hugs Fleur xXx

Jules said...


Do I take it you like to work in red and green then Chris?

Love your creation Great image and lovely butterfly. That is one of the few butterflies I own too.

Yep, I remember that programme - used to really enjoy it!

Love Jules xx

Lynne K said...

Beautiful! The colours are lovely. You definitely need more butterflies though! I remember the TV programme. It starred Wendy Craig, if I remember correctly.

Crafty Lou said...

Chris sweetie your card is very lovely,like the colours and fab letters.Wow how old do i feel it was a great TV programme and will google a clip later.Did show George the Flumps the other day as we had made a pompom person,did it look old?yes, but he did enjoy watching it.see you soon,Lou.xx

Nicola said...

Yes Chris I to remember Butterflies but wasn't very old!!! The red and green work well together and I like this colour combination. Maybe the song title theme could be something inspiration for that crafty weekend away? Hugs Nicky xx

brenda said...

It's gorgeous Chris, nothing wrong with sticking with colour combos you like, I think we all do to some degree.

Yes, I remember that programme, was it Wendy Craig ? I always saw a bit of myself in her - the daydreaming bit especially.

B x

(Now isn't that a nice comment ?? and I'm not wearing dungarees)

Linapyssel said...

This is a very nice color combination ....LOVE IT!!
Hugs Lina

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