Monday, 21 December 2009

White Christmas ?

Good Evening Guys, I just thought I would share my snow with you, this is last Friday Morning and my son looking very pleased with him self in the back garden, as school had been cancelled, I took this in my dressing gown and wellies good job we haven't got neighbours!!

this is also a view out into
the fields behind me.

This is just to the side of our place,looking out on Hubby's favourite place the shed!

And just down our lane. Its all right living off the beaten track but you do get snowed in ,and I'm not good at being in one place for a long time. There you go that's just a bit of me.
lots of love Chris xx


Sir Stampalot said...

Wow, this looks lovely and scenic Chris. Wish i was over there with some fresh snow. We could then be blocked in together and craft (with a glass of wine) - now wouldn't that be just awful!!!!

anyhow, lovely cards you are posting, really elegant and colourful.

see you soon - janicex

Lynne K said...

Looks gorgeous, Chris. Living off the beaten track means you won't get it all turning to dirty slush with all the traffic. I'd love to live somewhere like that. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.xx

Fleur said...

Hi Chris you've done some beautiful creations. your garden looks lovely.
Hugs fleur xXx

Crafty Lou said...

Hi! Chris, how snowy is that?looks like you have had a bit more than us and your photos are lovely.I would swop for your lovely countryside.
Your cards are so nice too,are you going to Sirstamps sale on wednesday?Big Hug,Lou.xx

brenda said...

Mornig Chris

Did'nt realise you are as remote as we are, just a single dirt track - if someone comes and says they popped in as they were passing you know it's not true - unless they have a fettish for the drain at the end of the track that is.

The snow does look beautiful, but it also clips our wings out on the fens. Still not sure if I can go to Peterborough today as we had more snow overnight.

B x

Sally H said...

I took photos of my daughter and her friend having a snowball fight in similar conditions on Sunday.I was quite happy not to have to join in!!! Your location looks beautiful - it might be a bit remote, but you get a much better view!

Lesley said...

look so lovely - I just love Lincolnshire - living out of a city means it doesn't all turn to black slush -have a great Christmas Lesley x

Nicola said...

It looks like you had more snow than us. I would love to live where you are. Me I had to be at the school I work at all day Friday we didn't close until lunch but not all the kids got picked up so had to stay. You have made some lovely creations. hugs Nicky

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