Friday, 27 November 2009

I Won An Award

Thankyou Tania at Javabean's creative escape (very clever lady you must check her out) for my lovely award it was a lovely suprise when I found it on my blog, I just hope I can work out how to pass it on to seven brilliant bloggers out there, even though I can think of loads of you that deserve this award. thankyou again Tania so once the award has been accepted the nominee has to do the following;

Thank the sender for nominating you.
Make sure you link to the person that nominated you.
Nominate 7 creative bloggers
Copy the logo onto your blog.
List 7 interesting things about yourself.
Post lincs to their blog
Leave a comment for each letting them know of their nomination

Right  -so here are 7 interesting things about me help!!
I Love Fruit cake (you might know food would be first)
I would like to be able to drink more than one glass of wine without getting very silly (cheap though)
I adore dressing the house for Christmas nearly as much as crafting.
I am a Hairdresser and hate how it gets in the way of crafting.
My own Bed is one of my favorite places.
I hate roundabouts.
I love to visit cornwall.

And here are the creative bloggers I have nominated
1. lou Crafty Lou's small world
2. Fleur A passion for craft
3. Mel Apple cake art
4. Debbie Pink Poppy Craft box
5. Nicola Crafty Patch
6. Louise Just love to stamp
7. Brenda floral fantasies

And oh yes go on to Sir Stampalot web site to see all their new goodies.


Fleur said...

Hi Chris, thank you so much for the award. Hope I have created all the right links, it took me ages lol!
Take care and hope to see you next Sat.
Hugs Fleur xXx

brenda said...

Hi Chris

Well done on the awad and thank you so much for passing it on to me. I can't take it right now as off to deepest Essex for wedding dress fitting (not me mind, decided it's far to late for that)for one of our sons' partners.

I'll be back tomorrow, if I foget, just yell at me again. I confess I am very naughtly with awards and have a few still to post up and pass on.

Yes, I am fine thanks - did you get my mail the other day ? I used the link on your bio which I thought was your new one ?

B x

louise said...

Thankyou for my award Chris, will now have to get my thinking cap on lol.
hugs louise xxx

Crafty Lou said...

Thanks so much Chris, you are very sweet to give me this lovely award and well done to you too.x.See you soon,not long now until the

Debbie said...

I'm a bit late, but thanks for the award Chris. It was great to see you yesterday. Take care.

Hugs Debbie xx

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